Perfectionism, precision, and quality is what made Inga Permanent Makeup become reputable and well-known brand for Semi-permanent make up in London.

Treat these perfectly formed and coloured lips like you were born with them. Forget lip pencils and lipsticks. Semi-permanent makeup for lips allows soft shades that complement your natural lip colour to be placed on the lips as a line, or a blush, defining your natural lip contour and make you look younger by replacing colour lost through the aging process. It can also help to balance unevenness and make your lips look fuller- great alternative to fillers. It also never smudges or runs.

As the ageing process begins we start to lose the shape, fullness and colour especially to the outer border of the lips where it most commonly fades. Lip enhancements are a wonderful way of subtly replacing lost pigment and can enhance your current lip shape or lip shade. It can also re-shape lips, visually increase the size of lips and adjust the shade.

All of these problems naturally happen as we get older and can be easily resolved with permanent make-up treatments. Well-shaped and nicely coloured lips are not a dream anymore. To achieve flawless lip colour and stop lipstick from bleeding try my permanent make-up.

ATTENTION: You must understand that if you have ever had chicken pox, fever blister or a cold sore, you must take Aciklovir, Zovirax, Famvir or Valtrex or any other anti-viral of your choice, pre and post procedure to help prevent the outbreak of cold sores. There are no exceptions to this rule! If you do have an outbreak, it will usually occur on 3rd day after treatment. This rule holds true for each and every time you have any amount of semi-permanent lip colour applied.

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PMU World championship 2nd place winner 2017. Expert Permanent Brows, Eyes and Lips. World Association PMU PRO artist. PMU trainer!


What our clients say

I love this lady. Loyal customer since 2014 I would travel to the moon if I had to just to get my eyebroes done by her 😍👏❤️.


Master Inga did my eyebrows. She is a very friendly and made me feel so comfortable... I’m very happy for my new eyebrows now😊 It’s a great service. Highly recommended.

Kristina Blaževičienė

The salon is super nice, clean, spacious, people who worked there are professional and very nice, I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done by master Inga, amazing work..

Indre Mikelioniene

Had my lips done by Inga, looks stunning. Couldn't resist to come back and get my eyebrows done, honestly. Place is spotless clean, staff is welcoming and friendly..

Lucy White